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The product is 100% Polish

Protective helmets are used in medical facilities - it is a complete protection of the eyes, mouth and nose against infection.

The helmet minimizes the risk droplet infection by placing a physical barrier in the liquid spray.
Our helmets are a high quality product straight from the manufacturer. The covers are CE certified.

Reduce your risk of getting sick with a protective face shield

Protective face shield is a universal (for all head sizes) and comfortable face shield, which reduces the risk associated with droplet-borne infections and protects against the effects of low harmful mechanical factors.

The product is very easy to put together before use.

Overall dimensions
  • Unit packaging dimensions:
    380 mm x 250 mm x 3 mm
  • Product weight with packaging:
    70 g of

Made of perfectly colorless, high-quality flexible plastic.
This material is neutral to human skin, approved for contact with food.
On the part in contact with the user's skin there is a soft strap made of soft and pleasant microgum, ensuring comfortable wearing for hours and preventing the shield from slipping.

The rubber band is responsible for adhering the shield to the head.
At the bottom of the face shield there are hooks for an additional elastic to give shape, but it is not necessary and depends on the user's preferences and the shape of the face.

The shield can be cleaned and disinfected. The material is resistant to water, weak acids, alcoholic and ether solvents. Wipe clean only with a soft cloth to avoid scratching.

The product is packed in a plastic bag. Unit packaging contains:
  • front protective part
  • the element that rests the shield on the forehead and gives shape
  • self-adhesive soft microgum
  • a set of erasers
  • label with printed CE logo and place for user's name
  • instructions and information label

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What is a face shield?

A face shield belongs to personal protective equipment. Its task is to minimize the possibility of droplet infection when it comes in contact with potentially sick people e.g.in medical facilities. It is also an excellent mechanical protection in other areas of professional and private activity, as an element protecting the face from contact with liquids and small solids.

Pandemic orders

Are there other options for covering the mouth and nose besides the mask?


"It is also allowed to cover the mouth and nose with some clothing (e.g. scarves, scarves, scarves) or using a helmet."

SOURCE:  www.gov.pl (17.04.2020)

We help during a pandemic

We all know what problems with basic needs hospitals and other medical facilities fighting a pandemic currently have Covid-19.
We have allocated some masks and protective helmets free na help our health service.

protective helmet pieces

protective masks

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Orders are placed only through the online store. Payment can be made cash on delivery or through Tpay electronic payments. If you have questions or special orders, please contact us by email or phone in advance.

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Depending on the size of the order, the date of its implementation is given after placing the order, according to the delivery queue, but most orders we realize in 24h. Stock levels are updated on a regular basis, as the goods are in stock and in current production. Production capacity is 20 pcs per day.
Shipment by InPost courier or InPost parcel locker. Larger orders can be picked up in person.

Presentation of helmets and masks

Opinions about our face shields

"The face shield works well! Comfortable, it doesn't compress anywhere. It's also transparent: everything can be seen clearly, even in glasses and in the twilight. In a word: a great product for these hard times and not only. "

Robert T. - Gdańsk


"This face shield is the best! It's easy to fold, put on, and after putting it on, I forget that I'm wearing it. Light, delicate but has a stable clasp, transparent - what more could you want? Customers in the store also praise it. "

Joanna Z. - saleswoman

"Working among people, especially in this difficult time of epidemics is a challenge. Somewhere in the subconsciousness there is a fear of infection, but thanks to this face shield I feel safer. Solidly made, but even if it is scratched or damaged in hard male hands, this is not a problem. They are inexpensive, so I exchange when I need one. Cool!"

Piotr R. - security guard

"These are the times when a man is afraid to get into the elevator in his own block, because maybe there is a virus lurking there. However, I cover myself with a face shield, and the neighbors say that it suits me. I did not think that such a product can be simply tasteful, but it is. Good quality, good work! "

Wanda K.

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